Wanna know me?

Hahaha… Wanna know me more? I’ll describe as clear as I can.

My name is Rissa. Now, I live in boarding house, Jakarta Barat. Here I’m studying at Binus University for S1 English Department – faculty of Letters.

Frankly, I said to u that I have a family (Dad, Mom, 2 little Sista) who support me a lot what ever I do. I love them so much and don’t want hurt them.

Proudly I say that God guides me in every single step I make. He always holds my hand to follow His unpredictable steps. From the past until future, I believe He is here, besides me forever.

2005, He guided me to joint on Binus University and meet lots of people whose every each characteristic teach me how to be a mature person. People who teach me a lot are my church communities, which are D.O.A, LG.Com, and B.L.A.N.G. They are amazing and wonderful creature from God. Hahaha.. Next time I’ll let u know about them. Gbu.. C ya.


2 thoughts on “Wanna know me?

  1. what is D.O.A and LG.Com ci? if BLANG seh i know… wkwkwkwk
    ok i will wait you tell me about them (your last sentence…) Gbu… paaiii

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