Enchanted – Disney


One upon a time, in the forest of magical kingdom which is known as Andalasia, there lived a young beautiful maiden who’s named as Giselle. She is waiting for her true love’s kiss. Inside the kingdom, there are cruel and selfish queen, her stepson, and her adjutant who is worked to prevent the prince meets the beautiful maiden. If they meet, fall in love, and then get married, the cruel queen will lose her throne. So she tries to murder Giselle.

One day, when the prince hunt a troll in the forest, he hears the beautiful song that he know which is sung by woman voice. He immediately comes closer to the voice. Unfortunately, the troll that had been catch is released by the adjutant that hopes that the troll will kill Giselle. This trick doesn’t work, Giselle meets Prince Edward and then they will get married tomorrow.

In the next day which is their wedding, Giselle go to the palace. Before she meets Edward to do the reception of the wedding, she meets the ugly old woman (the camouflage of cruel queen). The ugly old woman asked her to go to the well to make a wish. When Giselle says her wish, she’s dropped down to the well. This well brings her to the real world. Now, she’s not animated character but she’s real, a human being. She thought she drop to the strange land. By questioning mind, she asks people to help her. Accidentally, she meets Robert and his daughter, and let her lives in his apartment while she is waiting the prince to save her. Robert is a lawyer who has one little girl who’s named Morgan. Robert has a girlfriend who is known for five years, Nancy.

In Giselle’s waiting, she learns many things about life and love from Robert. She learns the word “angry”, how to make a relationship before she decided to married, and how to date. Unluckily, the attendance of Giselle make Nancy feel jealous but Robert become realize that he’s not falling in love to Nancy. Robert falls in love with Giselle. Same as Robert, Giselle also realize that she’s falling in love with Robert, not Prince Edward.

The cruel queen comes down to the real world to murder Giselle by herself because her adjutant always failed. Finally she meets Giselle in the ball room and gives her a poisoned apple. Giselle, who’s sad at that time, eats the poisoned apple. In a second, she’s unconscious but before 12.00 am she’s saved by true love’s kiss of Robert. And then the cruel queen died with his wicked hearth. Giselle lives with Robert and his daughter, in the other hands Nancy go to animated world and get married to Prince Edward. It means they live HAPPILY EVER AFTER.


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