“August Rush”

August Rush

“August Rush” is a story about a talented young boy who finds his parents by using the music. He believes in music same as those who believes in fairy tales. Also, he likes music more then food. Evan never meets his parents since he was a baby, because his grandfather gave him to orphanage. His grandfather gave him into an orphanage because he didn’t want his daughter’s career ruin down by the existence of a baby. His mother’s name is Lyla, a well-known cellist in New York. His father’s name is Louis, a bass player in club. His grandfather didn’t like if they have a relationship, therefore he separated them.

Evan grown up becomes a boy who has high sense of music. He does not like other children in orphanage, he always believes that his parents still alive and wants him. He said that he can feel it from the sound in the air. All of his friends, called him a freak, because he believed that he can communicate with his parents by the sound.

Someday, he started to find them in the city. He depend his life on his music intuition. Because of his intuition, he meets lot of people, either good or bad. Most of people appreciate his talent in music; he can easily learn the notation, play the hard key music, and compose an instruments. He believes his music will be received by his parents, and they can live together.

One day, he joins school of music, Juilliard School. He only learned music for six month. One of the teachers tells her that Evan composed a beautiful melody, and the head of the school want him play in Scholarship Events. He agrees the invitation, because he wants many people will hear it as much as possible, who knows his parent will be there and hear it. That is his wish and motivation. As the expectation, through this event, Evan can find his lovely parents.


One thought on ““August Rush”

  1. Greatest movie ever made! Makes me cry like a little girl, but I LOVE this movie. Great Cast of characters, Robin Williams does a great job as a guy you’re not suppose to like… and I don’t know if they could have gotten any other “child actor” to do as good of a job as this kid… Evan personifies “August Rush”…
    This is definately one you want to OWN!

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