yes man

yes man

Yes Man is a story about a London young man ( Danny Wallace ) whom the love was rejected by his girlfriend ( Hanne ). They break off, and Wallace felt he was kicked away from the world. He lived his life without passion because the event shocked him so much. He became a No Man. Always said no and made excuses to every invitation for having fun and enjoying day. Until he met a bearded man on a bus who told him to say yes more, and his life was changed. He did exactly what was been told to him and he said yes to every chance and opportunity that came through.

Ian, one of his best friends, didn’t support Wallace’s decision to say yes to every request because it was risky; how if someone asked him to murder. Wallace stood still in his willingness to be Yes Man. Day by day he filled with yeses to requests on advertising email, beggar’s requests, pub invitations, charity’s request, and other invitations.

The Yes could not be applied for the one whom know about his project, therefore he didn’t tell anyone about his Yes, except his bestfriend, Ian. He planned to say yes until the end of the year. But, in the middle of the year, he was afraid that he could not accomplish his project. One day, Wallace received a terror email from the one who was named himself as a challenger. He challenged Wallace to go somewhere, and Wallace did. Until the end of story, he did not know who the challenger was. However, he finished the project with his true happiness. He found his true happiness not because all the yeses but he realized how to live his life. It means that he is honest to himself; he says yes if he feels to say yes, and says no where he is supposed to say no.


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